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<strong>Tag 06 - Joey Jefferys</strong>
Tag 06 - Joey Jefferys

Name: Joey Jefferys
Age: 47
How long fishing: 32 years

Favourite lure/bait: Redgill
Home port: Newlyn

Quote: If you want to taste class eat bass!...

Main market: Newlyn
Boat name: Pendower
Boat reg: PZ 1183

<strong>Tag 06 - Joey Jefferys</strong>
<strong>Tag 07 - Gary Mutley Thomas</strong>
<strong>Tag 20 - Richard Taffy Matthews</strong>
<strong>Tag 22 - Ben George</strong>
<strong>Tag 50 - Jason Williams</strong>
<strong>Tag 60 - James Bosustow</strong>

Our reputation has been built on quality, service and FRESHNESS.

Not only do we guarantee our fish is delivered to you as fresh as we can possibly supply but we also source our products, whenever possible, from sustainably caught fish.

We are proud to be associated with the SW Handline Fishermen's Association. Members of the association work their lines, of about 30 hooks, from dawn to dusk, returning home with the freshest fish available.

This method is widely recognised as being a sustainable means of fishing, bringing in mainly, Bass, Pollock and Mackerel.

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